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Conspiracy Unlimited

Feb 23, 2020


Richard speaks with a writer who has recreated the missing diary of JFK's mistress, Mary Pinchot Meyer and speculates that she may have been murdered for knowing too much.

GUEST: Jesse Kornbluth has served as editorial director of AOL, cofounded, and has been a...

Dec 12, 2019

EPISODE #323 Dr. Mary's Monkey

Richard welcomes an author who discusses the murder of a world renowned cancer scientist, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the JFK assassination.

GUEST:  Ed Haslam spent his first 35 living in New Orleans. He personally heard and saw things that involved the investigation into the Kennedy...

Nov 21, 2019


Could there have been two Lee Harvey Oswald's?  Richard welcomes an author and playwright who lays out his  doppleganger theory.

GUEST: George Schwimmer Ph.D., was a theatre director for thirty years, as well as teaching theatre at two colleges and a universities. He later studied film at UCLA Extension,...

Oct 13, 2019



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Nov 26, 2018

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In part three of this...