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Conspiracy Unlimited

Sep 14, 2020


Richard speaks with two friends who discovered through past life regression therapy and meditation that they have shared dozens of past lives together.

Guests: Dr. David Bettenhausen and Carla Bogni-Kidd have been close friends since 1998. Feeling a deeper, spiritual kinship for each...

Feb 20, 2019

Richard welcomes a certified medical hypnotherapist who explains how past life regression therapy works.   She also describes one of her client's past lives as a member of a notorious New York crime family.


GUEST:  Dr. Elena Gabor is a medical hypnotherapist with private hypnotherapy practices in Santa Monica,...

Aug 24, 2018

Richard speaks with a past-life regression therapist about the science of the subconscious.  She'll reveal what happens in the time in between the soul's reincarnation and how it is possible for a soul to have mulitple incarnations at the same time.


Dr. Elena Gabor is the author of Home at the Tree of Life:...