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Conspiracy Unlimited

Jan 5, 2022


Richard welcomes  a researcher into one of America's oldest and mysterious stone circles. Was it built by ancient people well versed in astronomy and stone construction? Does America's Stonehenge prove that Europeans were in America (possibly establishing a colony) thousands of...

Aug 11, 2019


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Aug 8, 2019


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Apr 25, 2018

Richard Syrett speaks with a seeker and enthusiast of ancient history and polytheistic religions, and the founder of an annual festival dedicated to all things curious and occult to discuss the origin, construction and purpose of stone circles. GUEST: Khaman Mythwood has always been interested in the occult, sacred...

Feb 16, 2018

Richard Syrett welcomes a documentary filmmaker to discuss an ancient artifact uncovered in Pergamon in the late 19th Century and whether or not The Altar of Zeus is the Throne of Satan mentioned in Revelation. GUEST: Ali Siaditan is the founder of Think Again Productions in Canada—a multimedia teaching ministry...