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Richard Syrett's Strange Planet


Nov 14, 2018

Richard speaks with the granddaughter of Orville Nix who captured the JFK assassination on his home movie camera on November 22nd, 1963.  The Nix film captures the presidential motorcade and the assassination from the opposite perspective of the more famous Zapruder film.  Nix's camera was facing the grassy knoll.


Gayle Nix Jackson was in downtown Dallas the day her grandfather took the famous Nix film of the JFK assassination. In 1988, 25 years after he sold his film to UPI, Gayle negotiated with the now defunct company to have the film returned to her family. It was at that time she found the camera original film was missing. She has been searching for it ever since. Oliver Stone used the Nix film in his film JFK and she appeared on several television shows and newscasts including Montel Williams, Geraldo, Entertainment Tonight, and several radio and local newscasts. John Barbour, the godfather of reality TV, interviewed her for his award winning documentary, The Garrison Tapes.

Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film is Nix-Jackson’s first of several books regarding the horrific events of November 22, 1963. She hopes her readers will educate their children about the mishandling of the investigation into the JFK assassination and help in her ultimate quest to find the missing Nix film.

Gayle lives in Texas with her daughter Taylor, son Chance, her father Orville Nix, Jr. and her precious pets, Socrates, Antigone (Annie), Trudeau and Joy.