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Richard Syrett's Strange Planet


Feb 11, 2019

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Richard welcomes an author/lecturer who has translated the log from a Chinese expedition which she says prove Chinese explorers penetrated deep into North America decades before Columbus.


GUEST: Laurie Nickless is an independent historical researcher on America's prehistory. She coauthored Chasing Dragons: The True History of the Piasa along with her husband Mark Nickless.  In it they  examine the mural on a rock outcropping along the Mississippi River, upstream from St. Louis.  They present convincing evidence that this painting is from an early 15th Century Chinese exploration of the North American continent.  Laurie and her husband have lectured internationally (China, Malaysia and London) on their research and were featured speakers at the Midwestern Epigraphic Society.  Arising from "Dragons," Laurie spent over the last decade translating the concluding 15 chapters of the lost manuscript from the Ming Dynasty's early 15th Century circumnavigation of the globe.  These chapters, which comprise Laurie's translation To the Gates of Fengtu,  make it obvious that the Chinese sailors visited America's largest Native city Cahokia.