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Richard Syrett's Strange Planet


Mar 6, 2019

Richard welcomes a man from Germany who was befriended by Michael Jackson when he was just eleven years old.  He reveals the bizarre details of their two-decade relationship and responds to the latest child-molestation accusations made against the late singer in the documentary film, Leaving Neverland.



Michael Jacobshagen is the author of Will You Be My Friend.  As a child Jacobshagen spent time on the move with Michael Jackson.

He met Michael Jackson the first time 1995 in Paris, the beginning of a friendship that stretched over years.

They visited the famous Circus Krone in Munich, stayed 1998 two weeks in that city, went shopping and spent private time together in hotel suites and elsewhere. When Michael Jackson roamed Europe on his legendary 1997 History Tour, he invited the 13 year old Michael Jacobshagen time and again to various cities his concerts took place in.  He is currently working on a new book on his time spent with Jackson featuring many never before seen or published photographs.