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Richard Syrett's Strange Planet


Dec 23, 2019

EPISODE #328 What if the Beatles Stayed Together?

Richard welcomes an award-winning screenwriter and producer who imagines a world where the Beatles never broke up and continued to make music well into the 80s and 90s.

GUEST: Bryce Zabel is a winner of the prestigious Writers Guild award for screenwriting. Hel has created and produced five prime time television series, including fan favorites like NBC’s UFO thriller "Dark Skies" and the TV adaptation of "The Crow", and worked on a dozen TV writing staffs (i.e. "Lois & Clark”, "Steven Spielberg’s Taken"). A produced feature writer (i.e. “Atlantis", "Mortal Kombat Annihilation") and miniseries writer (i.e. “Blackbeard”, “Pandemic").

He was the first writer since Rod Serling elected to serve as Chairman/CEO of the Television Academy. He has taught screenwriting as an Adjunct Professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, reported on-air as a CNN correspondent, and won multiple awards for investigative reporting for PBS. His "Breakpoint alternate history book series is the winner of the coveted Sidewise Award for Alternate History for its debut novel about the JFK assassination, "Surrounded by Enemies," and continues with "Once There Was a Way", a novel about The Beatles staying together. He is developing “Unidentified" about the race to break the Roswell story, and “Captured" about the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. His book "A.D. After Disclosure" with Richard Dolan is considered a classic of UFO literature.

He is the author of Once There Was a Way; What if the Beatles Stayed Together?



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