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Richard Syrett's Strange Planet


Feb 10, 2020


Richard welcomes two paranormal researchers who reveal their scary adventures while investigating the most haunted library in America.

GUEST:  Tonya Madia's lifelong experiences with the paranormal and encounters as a medium have led her to state with surety that consciousness does survive the death of the physical body. She has been invited to investigate everything from private residences and cemeteries to retail stores and community centers and feels extremely blessed to be called on so often to help others on their life journey. 

GUEST: Joey Madia is an award-winning screenwriter, audio dramatist, playwright, novelist, actor, and director. His screenplay The Man at the Foot of the Bed (based on a true story by Josette Saginario) has been a two-time Official Selection and a Beverly Hills Film Festival invitee.

They are the authors of Watch Out for the Hallway: Our Two Year Investigation of the Most Haunted Library in North Carolina.



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