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Richard Syrett's Strange Planet


Jul 19, 2021


Richard welcomes the inventor of the API test designed to weed out "Simulators" from real Experiencers. His conclusions reveal that UFOs are real extraterrestrial vehicles and Some ET crews catch and release humans, and they are here to study us.

Guest: Don C. Donderi, PhD., The American Personality Inventory (API) is a test that was developed by Ted Davis, Budd Hopkins and Donderi to assess the validity of a report that someone has been abducted by extraterrestrials. It consists of 65 true-false questions and can be completed in about ten minutes either on paper or on a digital device. To develop the API, we compared the answers to 608 true-false questions from 52 people whose abduction narratives were verified by researchers like Hopkins and David Jacobs to the answers from two other groups of people. One group  of75 controls were people who we simply asked to help us develop a new personality test, but who we had no reason to believe had been abducted. Another group of 26 simulators  were people whom we were sure knew about the ET abduction phenomenon but whom we had no reason to believe had been abducted. We asked the people in this group to complete the API as if they had been abducted. Using a statistical tool called multivariate discriminant analysis, we were able to classify each person into one of the three groups: abductees, controls or simulators  based on the pattern of their responses to each of 65 of the original 608 true-false questions. We report here the results of an analysis of 138 more people who completed to the 65-question API, and who had also completed the online Experiencer Survey that is managed by the MUFON Experiencer Research Team.

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