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Conspiracy Unlimited

Oct 1, 2021


Richard speaks with an explorer/author about mysterious ruins found in the mountains of Peru and Bolivia in his search of ancient technology and the secrets of megalith building. 

Guest: David Hatcher Childress, known as the real-life Indiana Jones to the many fans of his...

Sep 12, 2019


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Apr 30, 2019

Part two of a two-part conversation with an aerospace engineer who theorizes that  sites such as Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, the Acropolis, and Temple Mount are not only thousands of years old but much older.


GUEST: Mark Carlotto is an aerospace engineer with over thirty years of experience in satellite imaging,...

Aug 3, 2018

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Richard speaks with a researcher of advanced civilizations in prehistory who reveals startling details of an ancient and extinct human population from Siberia called...