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Conspiracy Unlimited

Jan 17, 2022

Richard welcomes an astrologer to discuss how planetary alignments will affect finance, geopolitics and civil unrest in the coming year.

Guest: William Stickevers utilizes a broad scope of political, economic, psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical knowledge...

Jan 10, 2022


Richard welcomes a writer/researcher who reveals how geo-engineering has been used for decades to control the ionosphere with phased array heater blasts so as to maintain an ionized atmosphere in which chemicals, nanotechnology, and synbio synergies can be continuously laid by...

Jun 11, 2021

Richard speaks with an engineer who claims he's successfully completed of a series of basic experiments that provide the foundation for building a practical time machine, based upon a little understood theory of Albert Einstein. This accomplishment places him in direct competition with Ronald Mallett, PhD of...

Nov 2, 2020


Richard welcomes a researcher/author who presents an argument that the Bible is really an astrological allegory that describes the relationship between the Sun and the twelves signs of the Zodiak.

Guest: Micah Dank was born in 1983 in Oceanside New York. From a young age he had wanted to be a...

Jun 27, 2020

PLUS #006 Trump's Takeover of the Rothchilds Banking System

Richard welcomes an explorer, scientist and author to reveal how President Trump destroyed the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

Guest: Michael Tellinger is an author, scientist, explorer, and humanitarian, who has become a real-life Indiana Jones,...